Automated Powder coating

Our automated powder coating production line is cost-effective and suits large series. Environmental friendly and fast nanotechnology based pretreatment Gardobond® X 4739 fits for all metal materials.
Oven’s size is 400 x 2 000 x 4 000 mm
(w x h x l).

Manual investment line

Our manual investment line makes it possible to handle coating of big objects. We transfer coated parts with overhead coveyor which has capacity of 3 x 500 kg. For pretreatment we use iron phosphate degreasing wash.

Oven’s size is 2000 x 3300 x 6100m (w x h x l)

For bigger parts than described above ie. wetpaint, galvanizing – We leverage a wide network of our manufacturing partners. Contact us, ask for offer or visit.